Some people like to know about a language’s swear words and curse words, so that they can comically insult their friends while learning how to speak it.

In haitian creole, insulting someone is called “joure”.

In this article, I’m going to share several swear words and curse words that you can insult (“joure”) other people with them in haitian creole.

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How to curse in creole?

You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a list of haitian creole swear words, curse words and insults…

How to say “fuck you” in creole?

If you only had one haitian creole insult to learn, it would be “Get manman ou!”. It basically means “F*** your mother!” and it’s quite vulgar.


Translation : Prostitute

Meaning : When you say that a woman is a “bouzen”, you try to denigrate her by calling her a prostitute.

How to say dirty in creole?

If you want to say “dirty” in haitian creole, you have to use the word “sal”.

How to say pussy in creole?

If you want to say “pussy” or “vagina” in creole, you have to say the word “koko”.

Koko Sal

Translation : Dirty vagina

What does coco santi mean?

“Koko Santi” is an insult destined to women. It means “smelly vagina”.

Koko Sal

Translation : Dirty vagina

Meaning : This is an insult destined to women.

Anndan chou pouri

Translation : Disgusting and smelly vagina

Meaning : With this insult, a woman is told that she has a stinking vagina as if she had a “rotten cabbage” inside her.


Translation : Shit


Translation : Poo / Poopoo (excrements)

What does kaka mean in creole?

In creole, the word “kaka” means “poop”.

Pale kaka

Translation : Talking poopoo (“Talking shit”)

Meaning : “Pale kaka” means speaking in a disrespectful way.

Djol kaka

Translation : Mouth full of shit

Meaning : It’s a bit of a variant of saying “pale kaka”.

Djol santi

Translation : Smelly mouth

Santi fò

Translation : Strong smell (in a stinking way)

Ou santi kaka

Translation : You smell like shit

Ki kaka sa!

Translation : What kind of shit is this!


Translation : Monkeying around / Clowning

Meaning :In haitian creole, we use the creole expression “makakri” to speak of a person who is making a scene and “acting stupid”. In short, a little bit like a monkey in a zoo!


Translation : Monkey

Meaning : A bit related to the previous expression, when someone talks about “makak” in creole, it’s because the person was doing some “makakri”.

How to say “dick” in creole?

If you ever wanted to know how to say “dick” in creole, the word you have to use is “zozo”.

What does “zozo” mean in haitian creole?

In haitian creole, the word “zozo” means “penis”.

Zozo santi

Translation : Smelly dick

Meaning : This is an insult destined to men.

Zozo sal

Translation : Dirty dick

Meaning : This is an insult destined to men.

Ti zozo

Translation : Small dick

Meaning : This is an insult destined to men.

Tèt zozo

Translation : Dickhead

Meaning : This is an insult destined to men.


Translation : Intercourse (sex)


Translation : Imbecile


Translation : Idiot

Bounda plat

Translation : Flat booty

Fanm lèd

Translation : Ugly woman

Nèg lèd

Translation : Ugly man


Translation : Pig

Chen sal

Translation : Dirty dog

Meaning : In Haiti, dogs do not have a good reputation. To fully understand the meaning of the insult, one must imagine a stray dog, all dirty and full of diseases.

Fout tonè!

Translation : Fucking shit!

Meaning : The words “fout” and “tonè” together form a swear word, but I can not personally explain what that means. A person will use this expression to express dissatisfaction with a situation.

Gwo vant

Translation : Big belly


Translation : Thief (man)


Translation : Thief (woman)


Translation : Lazy person


Translation : Dirty whore


Translation : Trash

Gwo kochon

Translation : Fat pig

Moun sal

Translation : Dirty person

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